Cornish Chough Brewery produces four mainstream beers today plus a number of brews developed or blended specifically for local pubs, such as Witches Brew which we produce for the Witchball Bar and Restaurant on the Lizard.

The naming conventions and branding adopted is pertinent to the brewery and the local area and is a format that we will continue to use. We also sell in bulk!

Serpentine has a big malty nose a bittersweet palate and a finish balanced by rich malt and tangy hops.


A great quality golden ale with a well balanced malt and hop aroma with a dry crisp palate and stringent roundness of flavour


A rich malt and hop aroma with an underlying spice and fruit flavour.


Fire Raven pours a deep dark brown colour with a very nice tan coloured head. Aromas are nutty, with notes of heavily roasted malts, some light dark fruits, cocoa and mineral hops.


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