Fire Raven

In 1602, the Elizabethan historian Richard Carew wrote the following about the Cornish chough, in his Survey of Cornwall:

    "...  I meane not the common Daw, but one peculiar to Cornwall, and therethrough termed a Cornish Chough: his bil is sharpe, long, and red, his legs of the same colour, his feathers blacke, his conditions, when he is kept tame, ungratious, in filching, and hiding of money, and such short ends, and somewhat dangerous in carrying stickes of fire..."

He is referring to the belief that the Chough, ( in Latin- Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax - literally 'Fire Raven), was thought to take smouldering sticks from fires and then drop them onto thatched roofs. It was thus maligned and persecuted to extinction in Cornwall until it's revival in 2001. (Now protected and revered!)

Tasting Notes:

Fire Raven pours a deep dark brown colour with a very nice tan coloured head. Aromas are nutty, with notes of heavily roasted malts, some light dark fruits, cocoa and mineral hops. This is a distinctive and full bodied Porter.