Cornish Chough Brewery at Trethvas Farm

Cornish Chough Brewery started brewing in May 2011 following the acquisition of the 5-barrel plant from what was the Organic Brew House at Bochym. The plant was moved and re-built on Trethvas Farm by its new owners Neil Rowe and Tim Birchmore, both of whom are passionate about beer and wanted to preserve the recipes.

Cornish Chough Brewery is located at Lizard village making it the most southerly brewery on the UK mainland.

Our Beers

Cornish Chough's brewer is Andy Hamer who has been brewing and developing recipes for over twenty years. The beers and ales that we produce are made from the very best ingredients and the liquor (water) drawn via its own bore hole from between two seams of Serpentine rock, thus the name of it first brew Serpentine. It is the quality of the water coupled with the ingredients and Andy's knowledge and attention to detail  that gives the beer its unique and consistently good flavour.

The uniqueness of all real ales is the source and quality of its liquor (water).

Our Master Brewer Andy

Cornish Chough Brewery is named after the bird of the same name which had been in decline because of habitat loss and persecution. The last Chough disappeared from Cornwall in 1973. In 2001, there was a small influx of wild Chough's to southern England and three birds stayed on the Lizard in Cornwall. Since 2002, the now famous pioneering pair has nested every year at this Southerly Point.

Fire Raven our 4.7% Porter takes its name from the literal translation of Cornish Chough in Latin.

Cornish Chough Brewery uses and will continue to use local artists / illustrators and photographers to design its pump clips,  bottle labels and the artwork for its website and merchandise. The brewery supplies and is supported by local free houses, JD Wetherspoons in Cornwall, The Eden Project and a number of tourist locations, local Farmers Markets and a large number of retailers.